Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tips and Tricks: SUPER Ingredients


During a Quest in your market you should notice at one, two or three columns. If you look at the very bottom of those columns you will see some very expensive ingredients.  Those bottom level ingredients are called SUPERS.  They are called Supers because they are part of a SUPER dish. A Super Dish is any dish where each serving sells for 200+ coins.

Check out the below picture. It is price of a single super and its respective grow time.

Now look at the cost to sell the Mezcal Larvae

That is a HUGE profit margin. 

Now lets look at the profit on cooking the dish.

It costs 52,850 to grow all three ingredients for this dish. And then it takes 12 hours to cook and you get over 2.6 million in coins. (Assuming you serve it. )

If you decide to sell it to your neighbors, your profit margin is still fairly huge.  The trade off is you get less coins but TONS more experience.

They are incredibly HUGE generators of coins and experience both in the growing, cooking and selling.   When a big Quest comes along and the dishes are high value, 300+, its in your best interest to unlock and grow at least one column of seasonals NONSTOP.  You generally only have a two week stretch to grow them and I would take advantage of every single opportunity.

And of course having the ability to sell the high value super dishes will net you huge profits and allow you to leap thru many of the lower levels in a matter of weeks. 

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