Sunday, January 1, 2017

Quest Calendar 2017 Updated

Sorry guys I have moved on from the game. But due to popular request. I have come back to update the blog with this year's quests. 

I am guessing at the order based on last year and what is most likely. You can find detailed information on lots of the quests by just going thru the blog. 

The quest calendar has detailed info about quests on the calendar for up to Easter.  The rest of the quests are listing in the order they should appear. 

Have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Help us Bring Back Masters of Fruit!

Since Gourmet Ranch SKIPPED the Masters of Fruit quest because people were griping, not alot of us were able to grow them. As many of us chose to grow the carnival stuff since Masters of Fruit was scheduled to come back.  Instead they skipped it entirely. Making lots of players sad.  

But sometimes when the players speak up in unison we get heard. 

It did work on Chinese New Year and our hope is that it will work this time. 

The idea is to do what we did last time and fill their page with comments and posts. 

Go Here and Support your fellow GR players. Like and comment on their posts!

Then head go to the App page and add your own comments about what you would like to see. 

Normally on the Hunting season we would see Dinosaurs. We have already had dinosaurs twice this year as backup and once as a main quest. I think most of us are done with Dinos for a bit. 

Not only that BUT Masters of Fruit is better paying. 

And even if we don't get it as a backup, maybe we can convince them to replace the Arctic chill which comes in November with it at least. 

Come GRers you can do it!

Hunting Season: Mini Quest Preview

I am fortunate to have such great neighbors,  One of our great neighbors Alexey, has given me the mini-quest steps from last year. It is likely to be the same steps.  As I can tell you the Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter were ALL repeats.

I am doing this early become I do notice that we have SEVERAL long growing ingredients that you may want to grow or track down now. 

Easy Just grow some stuff. Unlock something. 

More Growing and Unlocking. This is easy too. 

Here we go cooking! You will nee 20 Vanilla, and 20 Cardamom for the first dish, 20 celeriac and 20 barley for the 2nd dish and 20 yak milk and 20 sugar for the 3rd dish. 

Now if you have seen the spreadsheet you know that Yak milk and sugar are THREE days. Vanilla and Celeriac are TWO days.  I think someone was in a mood when they made this step. 


Unlocking and some MORE cooking. Of course this is a cooking game. First dish needs just horse radish as it takes two seasonals. Second dish takes Leeks and Goose Eggs. Goose eggs are your killers here. They are a 1 day item. BUT if you plant them they have 14 harvests. Which means unless you use speedups or delete the birdies, they take up space for 14 days. 


This one is quick unlock, unlock and cook. You need flour and gooseberries. Which you should have plenty of as this is a quest dish.  


This one wouldn't be harsh if it wasn't for that ONE Ingredient. Asparagus. Its pretty much the same as above, unlock, unlock, cook!  Your one regular is asparagus which is 3 days. As this is a quest dish you should hopefully  have some in stock.  I think any dish that takes asparagus though deserves more than 50 speedups. 


Finally! Give me my money! Throw down some more Mouflon. And then cook two dishes, You need goats cheese and green beans (Goats cheese is one day but these are quest ingredients again you SHOULD have some. ) and then for the other dish you need Jalapenos and Garlic. Jalapenos is 2 days and Garlic is 3. 

I know I said I would post this tomorrow, but I am gonna post it today so in case I get busy with the kiddos, I don't forget. If you are in groups please feel free to share it. Facebook limits how many times a day I can share posts.  They get irritable. I like my Facebook account so I would rather not irritate them unless its worth it.  

I will share this to the Facebook page. If you look down below you should see a itty bitty share bar. 
Looks like this. See that Facebook icon? That is how you share. 
It does bring up a choice to share on a page you manage, your timeline or if you click the drop down box you can share to groups.  Otherwise I will post it tomorrow to the groups.  

Hunting Season : Spreadsheets! Big Thank You to Carman!

Well Carman is Super Awesome Neighbor of the Week! She was kind enough to send me her spreadsheets for this quest. So everyone yell THANK YOU at Carman.  She also was kind enough to include TWO bonus sheets for everyone.

SO first up is a full list of all the regulars that are needed for these seasonals. Why do you need this? You don't technically unless you are doing the mini quest (We are !). And since over half this list is over 12 hours long, its a good to do it NOW during Mad Hatter so that you can grow like crazy. Those mouflon, beavers and mushrooms pay better than the mad hatter dishes.

Second up we have a list of all the seasonal grow times of each item.  Its interesting to look at the price of these items to grow vs buy sometimes.  Ask a neighbor for Mouflon. It is probably close to 200k.  It falls in that category of stuff that gets priced high for no reason other than its something people want. (Like the Iphone 7. The thing costs barely 50 dollars with labor and parts to make. And its 800 dollars. That is over 1000% markup. )

The Full Spreadsheet is above and will also include a bigger version here.  Carman's color scheme is a bit different. Light blue is just information. Pink is seasonal ingredients and yellow are your regular ingredients. 

Just a quick reminder this quest's three dishes are the roasted mouflon loin, King Bolete Beaver Steak and Havtorn Jam Breakfast.  

That is it for now. I already have screenshots of the mini quest for last year. I will post those TOMORROW. So you can make sure you have all the regulars needed grown in time PLUS you can make sure to grow the seasonals in the week before the mini quest drops. 

Then we are into my favorite quests. Halloween. I love Halloween. So much nightshade. YUUUUUUUM!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Quest Prediction: A Hunting We Will Go!

Oh its that time of year where the men go out and prove their manliness by killing something and bringing it back for us to cook.  Of course beaver is the equivalent of roadkill in my book, Havtorn is a plant and Mouflon is a SHEEP. So they basically hunt in the backyard. That sounds like my husband. He probably did it from a lawn chair too.  GR has such high standards for the hunters. 

This is a pretty straight forward quest. 3 dishes, 5 Regular items and Four seasonals.

We only have to do 106 of each for this quest. So if you have some lying around in your larder, good time to get them cooked up. 

Dish 1

You need FLOUR and Gooseberries for this first dish.  The Havtorn is from the crop side.

Dish 2

You only need Asparagus but its a 3 day ingredient.  This takes one animal and one crop seasonal. 

Dish 3

You need goat's cheese and green beans for this one.  You also need mouflon which is the BOTTOM of the seasonal animal row. 

I don't have a spreadsheet for this quest, I will have to update this post at a later date with it. 

The Mad Hatter Side Quest

So I have been MIA for a bit and I apologize. Kids are back to school and our schedules are a bit screwy. Its hard to squeeze in a lot of game time when you are adjusting to big time changes.

But on to topic. GR decided to SKIP Masters of Fruit. (UGH )  They added an additional week on to Jack and the Giant ( BOO!!!!!). Then they followed up with Peggy's Bakeoff (Probably one of my least favorite quests.) And we are now on the Mad hatter.  Its not my favorite quest but its decently paying. Just takes forever to grow and cook. Which is nonsense but ehh whatever. 

So here is the mini quest steps. All 7 of them. 







And finally STEP 7!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Quest Prediction: Fruity Expectations

Hi there again ranchers! Are you ready for what comes next? 

Of course you are!

Two weeks on a regular quest is 13 days too many for most of us. 

Masters of Fruit should be dropping next Thursday (August 11th) and its a pretty simple quest. 

Only FOUR ingredients total but they come at a hefty cost of 28 keys. 

But they are ALL super dishes. So there is that. 

The ingredients are as follows, Juniper Berries, Tamarinds, Lychees and Persimmons. 

The four dishes are:
Pigeon with Juniper and Rosemary
Tamarind Chickpeas
Lychee and Elderberry Cheesecake
Persimmon and Cranberry Crumble

Just a quick heads up this was a high dish count quest. IE You will need 149 of EACH dish.  
So make sure you have more than the usual 106 lying around in your larder.

Okay so here are the dishes we will be cooking.  First up, Tamarind Chickpeas. 
Its a quick 4 hour dish. Chickpeas are just 4 hours so thats an easy ingredient to get stocked up, Tumeric is 6 hours (Edited TY Tashia).  (Tamarinds are 6 hours to grow I believe)

The second dish is the Lychee and Elderberry Cheesecake.  They Lychees themselves are only 4 hours to grow. Elderberry is just 8 hours so not a bad ingredient but I hope you saved some vanilla from Carnival because you will need it again here.  A very nice high paying, quick cooking dish. And its pretty. 

Third dish is the persimmon and cranberry crumble.  Also a high paying dish that is relatively quick to cook.  Persimmons are 8 hours to grow. Ginger and cranberries are both 12 hours. So again easy enough to get stocked up on in advance. 

While we won't be cooking this dish for the contract itself, It is a high value dish so its worth putting the dish info here in case you want to know what the juniper dish needs.  Its higher value than the tamarind, its only 6 hours to grow like that tamarind but the dish is actually one of the longer dishes to cook on this quest at 8 hours.  

Since we just HAD these available during carnival just four weeks ago, its a good possibility some of your generous neighbors MAY have some lying around.  For those of you who like to cook a little bit in advance. 

Have a great day!