Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quest Calendar for 2016

With 2016 fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment and give players a rundown of what quests to expect for 2016.  I obviously won't cover the whole year. Just til Easter. 

January 7th - New Quest.  Last year we had Dinosaurs and Rapunzel.  I am hoping for Dinosaurs. 

January 21st  New Quest   Chinese New Year (falls on Feb 6th this year)

Feb 4th  New Quest Valentines!  

Feb 18th  New Quest Mardi Gras / Carnival Quest

March 3rd New Quest  St Patricks Day Quest

March 17th New Quest Easter Quest

Given the last three quests have used the EXACT same quest dishes as previous years its a safe bet to say you will need those dishes again.  I am only putting the REGULARS you need for these quests. 

For Dinosaurs
Lynthrax Steak N Turf - Capers and Blue Lobster
Pterdactyl Pizza - King Prawns and Flour
Echinodon Enchiladas - Fava Beans and Leeks

For Rapunzel
Forest Cordial - Seasonal'
Vension with Hawthorn Jus - venison / deer
Mallow Salad - Olives

For Chinese New Year
Nian Gao - All seasonal items
Eight Treasure Pudding -Adzuki Beans
Tang Yuan Dumplings - Peanuts, Sugar


MardiGras Carnival

St Patricks Day
Antler Kebabs- Possum, Tarwi
Strawgetti and Meatballs - Oregano , springbok steaks
Musical Stew - Celeriac and Rutabaga


Dinosaurs had 139 batches and Easter was 159 batches.  SO keep that in mind you are likely to need that amount for them this time around as well. 

Happy ranching!

New Quest: Big Disappointment

I had to wait to post the updated new quest. I have nothing nice to say about it.  Gourmet Ranch has literally given the finger to all their longtime players in favor of getting more money. And it will have the reverse effect.  I have had four neighbors quit this week.   Most people take a very long time to decide to quit and if they do leave its for a break. Not these neighbors. They cleaned out their larder and removed the app entirely. So why all the fuss?

Lets take a look at the quest.  Its All the Trimmings quest. Wait but its not the dish names are...???

SO the game makers chose to rename their dishes no big deal.  Not actually the first time they have taken an old dish and renamed it actually. 

It is however the first time Gourmet Ranch has taken items we have unlocked and RELOCKED them. Forcing players to use MORE keys.   I had the goats unlocked last year. This year not so much.

For those saying its a new quest.  Its NOT.  Lets take a look at the top dish.  Goat Meatballs with Artichokes is the original dish. The dish Spiced Goat Meatballs is this years dish.

HMM identical in the recipe book. 

But Lets look at the recipes themselves. SURELY they are different!


Anyone who played last year is obviously upset. Keys are hard to come by especially for the higher levels.  You put two or three years into a game unlocking everything, only for the gamemakers to decide they need more money for they game they haven't done anything with since 2014.   Hint its 2016.

For those people shrugging their shoulders saying whatever. Remember this is the first quest they have done this too. And probably not the last.  A lot of smaller neighbors DEPEND on larger neighbors for ingredients not just seasonal ingredients but the regulars.  What happens when you offend and scare away all those long time players?  Where does that help come from?  Keys are expensive and not everyone is gonna sink money into this game. Most will walk away.  

So now you have scared off the big players by being greedy and the smaller players because its too hard to do anything without help from bigger players.  Who does that leave?  

I hope Gourmet Ranch will rectify this situation this week otherwise I see a lot more players quitting. Especially if this is a start to a new pattern. 

Shame on you Gourmet Ranch for ruining Christmas.   

Thursday, December 3, 2015

All the Trimmings Recipe Album

All the Trimmings Recipes in Photos

All the Trimmings Quest Recap

Hello out there on this cold December day! 

This quest is likely to be re-released on December 17th. You can grow now in between growing supers and ingredients for the Missing Elf quest we are working on now.

Originally released in 2013 as the second half of the Missing Elf, this quest was very popular on account of its top dish, Goat Meatballs with Artichokes.  In real life probably not a tasty dish but in Gourmet Ranch its definitely one of the better dishes.

A total of 12 ingredients were released for this quest.

Red Onion
Fresian Cow
Honey Bees
Root Vegetables
Pigs in Blankets
Merry Mangosteen
Holiday Pheasant
Super Sprouts 
Yule Goat

We also had a total of 12 available recipes.

Veggie Terrine
Holiday Tree Biscuits
Scallops with Quince Jelly
Spicy Poussin Nibbles
Scandinavian Glogg
Honey Glazed Mixed Nuts
Edible Paper Chains
Luxury Festive Stuffing
Jeweled Fruit Baubles
Festive Fowl Pie
Christmas Feast
Goat Meatballs with Artichokes

Get Ready now for All the Trimmings!

Good morning ranchers! Now that we have started the Missing Elf quest, its time to start a little advance preparation for it's followup quest, All the Trimmings.  Originally released in 2013 it is the second half of the Missing Elf Story. It went for three weeks both in 2013 and during its re-release last year.  It is safe to assume you will get the same three weeks. 

That quest was particularly tough because it had not one but TWO very long growing ingredients, Turkeys and Starfruit. Now turkeys everyone should be able to grow. But the fact that we just had a quest that used a bunch of turkeys made a lot of people short on those yummy birds.  Starfruit is also a three day crop and its very near the bottom of the fruit section. Just before Kumquats (which some people might have unlocked for this quest).  It was easily the most difficult of the ingredients to come by as few people grew them and fewer still had them in stock.  

Since Gourmet Ranch has repeated the exact same quest dishes for the last TWO quests, its a good possibility we might see those same dishes repeated. 

I have put all three of LAST year's quest dishes below so you get ready.   I will be adding the remainder of the All the Trimmings quest information to the blog today. 

The Missing Elf Quest has Returned!

Good Morning Ranchers! Its chilly here in Kansas hope its warm wherever you are.  

Today Gourmet Ranch released for the third time their Missing Elf Quest.  This is originally from 2013 but it was re-released last year while Gourmet Ranch worked on their mobile app.  This year we have the EXACT same quest dishes as last year. 

I am kinda glad as I still have two of those dishes still on my counters. So I do not need to make room. My only complaint is of course the long growing ingredients for this quest. Yak milk is 3 days and chocolate is 2 days.

And we are also back down to just 106 batches for each dish which is nice. It will make this quest very fast and easy for those who have done it before. 

We have just over 12 days for this quest.

And the dishes are as follows,

Thanks for checking us out and have a great day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Missing Elf: Quest at a Glance

A Missing Elf Quest at a Glance Spreadsheet

Blue - General Information
Red - Seasonal Ingredients
Yellow - Regular Ingredients

Christmas Quest Recap : 2013's A Missing Elf Recipe Album

Recipes for the 2013 Christmas Quest A Missing Elf

A Christmas Carol Quest at a Glance

The 2012 Christmas Quest themed after A Christmas Carol Quest at a Glance.

Blue - General Information
Red - Seasonal Ingredients
Yellow - Regular Ingredients *None for this quest*

Christmas Quest Recap: 2012's A Christmas Carol Recipe Album

All the recipes for the 2012 Christmas Quest : A Christmas Carol