Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gourmet Ranch Thanksgiving Quest Information

Hi there ranchers!  I have made TWO e-books for the upcoming Thanksgiving Quest.  This Quest should start on November 19th and run thru the first Wednesday in December.  There are two e-books because there are actually THREE known Thanksgiving quests. The first quest from 2011 is so low paying I feel it is least likely and thus have not done an e-book on those dishes.  The 2nd Quest from 2012, titled A Buffalo Thanksgiving was repeated in 2014.  The 3rd quest is A Garfield Thanksgiving. It is the most desirable of the three quests but I believe it may be the most unlikely on account of licensing. Gourmet Ranch may or may not be able to re-release it without a new license.

The Buffalo Thanksgiving link is below.  It will be available for FREE from October 28 thru October 30th. I will also make it free again the week before Thanksgiving.


The Garfield Thanksgiving link is below. It will be available for FREE from October 28 thru October 30th.  I will also make it free again the week before Thanksgiving


I do not expect anyone to purchase it. I have made it free so everyone can download it.  If you don't have a kindle don't worry. You can download the Kindle app for free on any tablet, pc or phone. Which means you can sit with your phone in your lap and be able to glance at the quest and your farm at the same time.  If you have a neighbor who just starts and needs the book, amazon allows for free lending of any books you download. So even if only one person downloads it, it can be shared to multiple people.

I will not get rich off you. In fact just so you have an idea. in order to make $1000 I would need 200k downloads off the free ebook.  And for all 200k people to actually open and read each and every page.  SO obviously not going to get rich off anyone buying a free e-book.

I want to thank everyone who does download it. And I hope it proves to be useful to.

Inside each ebook is a list of seasonal ingredients, their dishes, photos of every single dish. As well as a spreadsheet so you can see the quest at a glance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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