Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tips and Tricks: Fish for Treasure!

You should have two boathouses. One for saltwater and one for freshwater fish.  The Saltwater boathouse allows you to search for treasure when you send it out for fishing.  Usually the longer the time the boat has to be out the more searches you get. IE a 2 or 3 day fish will reward you with the full four searches.  As you expand your boathouse you get a larger space for searches. So you start out with one space but eventually you will have enough search blocks to cover 2/3 of the map.  This pretty much guarantees you will almost always win something.  May not always be great though.

Here is a fully expanded boathouse which you can see is out fishing. You can also see the magnifying glass, if you click on that you will be able to search on your maps.

 This is great because it is a fantastic opportunity to earn extra GR cash, coins, speedups, keys, get items for your collections and get some nifty items to decorate your ranch.

This is your map, it doesn't matter how many items you find. You will only ever have room for three items to bring back. So choose carefully. I usually choose GR CASH and Keys first, then speedups, then collection items.  I seldom choose coins or decor as I have tons of both and I don't really decorate my ranch too much as it slows down my loading time. 

When the boat returns this is what the final screen looks like

I usually opt for the long fishing trips because those fish almost always give me GR cash and keys every time I send it out. 

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