Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Mini Quest Steps

So in case you didn't notice, the mini quest is an EXACT replica of last year's quest.  Well at least the first two steps.  Since I already had the candy factory open I was curious to see how much we would have to unlock for this quest.  I chanced it because LAST summer we were given Mad hatters tea party as a standalone quest. So I figured worst case scenario I have it half open for the summer time quest.

Final count: Keep in Mind this assumes you have the entire Candy factory unlocked. 
You need 2 keys for step 1
6 keys for step 2
None for step 3
None for step 4
None for step 5
12 Keys for step 6
None for step 7. 

TOTAL needed 20 Keys.  

STEP 1  







Now there are other items you need to cook the dishes like the candied tea pot but you can ask for them.  If needed however its just two keys to unlock. 

BIG THANK YOU to Kat Page and Lorraine Coates for helping with screenshots and information.  
You ladies are awesome. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gourmet Ranch Video Walk thru ANIMALS

Gourmet Ranch Video Walk thru CROPS

Easter Mini Quest: Repeat Fail?

Last year I was VERY disappointed in the Easter miniquest.  I had unlocked both sides so I prepared myself for  an extra 10 GR Cash.  Only to be tricked by the Gourmet Ranch developers.

So lets take a look at what I remember. First Step.  Do you see something odd? If not look again!

If you noticed the middle section says PLANT 20  JELLY CHERRY SHRUB.  

Wait a minute!!!!

Those aren't in the candy factory items. They are however in the Easter quest which is originally from 2012.  They also cost 2 keys to unlock.  

So I did what any player would have done, assumed it was probably just a typo. I had plenty of keys at the time. And 2 keys was not a big deal. 

So off we go to step 2. 

UGH and here we go.  What do you see that shouldn't be there?

If you guessed Macaroons. You would be correct.  Tricky tricky!

If you needed to know where they were at, they are at the Mad Hatter's tea party. 

And they are the 3rd ingredient down. So another 6 keys to unlock. 

That is only two steps and honestly I stopped. I didn't want to have to unlock ALL three quests at once.  You are talking over 100 keys to get 10 GR cash.  Thanks . Pass. 

So the question is Will we see this Easter Mini Quest Repeat Fail again tomorrow? Or will the candy factory be like every other mini quest and only use candy factory items for the mini quest?  We can only hope for the latter. 

But consider yourself warned. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Maximizing Your Ranch Space

Did You Know You Have Multiple Plots / Pens / Trees in a Space?

One of the best aspects I have just learned is to maximize the space on ranches by using multiple pens or plots in a space. 

So first thing you wanna do is put your plots down as you normally would. 
They would like the plots above. 

Once you have the plots down you are gonna want to go into your decor tab.  

You are gonna wanna click on the tree / haystack section 

and under that click on the garden tab.

Then you want to find the dirt soil plots for 2k coins

Now go back to your ranch. You are gonna put these little MINI plots on top of your plots. 

You can look and see the row above the green plot has been done. Its solid. The ones below have not been done.  It takes 4 mini-plots to cover one regular plot. 

Once you have a few mini plots down to cover a few plot spaces. (or animal spaces) its the same. 

Now go back to the plots and put down a fresh plot on top of the mini plots.  You want to position it between two plots.  THIS IS IMPORTANT. 

Now once the plots are done. Get your X tool. You are gonna wanna delete or store if you want the mini plots. DON'T DELETE THE BIG CROP PLOTS. 

Now you should be able to plant 2x the amount in the space.  Animals and crops are done exactly the same way. 





If you want trees, you just put down mini plots and add trees on the mini plots. You do NOT delete the mini plots when you are doing trees. 

This is the animals with trees. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easter is Coming!

I think one of my favorite quests of the year is Easter.  Its super bright and colorful, its very whimsical. 

Now there have been THREE different Easter quests over the years.  In 2012 it was just called Easter. Pretty simple. In 2013 we the Mad Hatter Party which was a Alice and wonderland themed Easter.  And in 2014 they released the Candy Factory. It is by far the most popular of the three quests.

Last year Gourmet Ranch re-released Candy Factory as the main quest and then allowed people to unlock and grow items from the previous years as well. 

This upcoming Thursday we SHOULD see an Easter quest. It is very likely to be the Candy Factory again as Gourmet Ranch has not really changed anything since Thanksgiving. 

This is Easter 2012.  As you can see it only requires 3 regulars and the rest are all seasonals.

This is Easter 2013 aka The Mad Hatter Party.  This one we actually saw as a standalone quest in the summer. As you can see no regulars.  It does have a decent high value dish, the High Tea. 

And of course the one we want to see again. Easter 2014 aka The Candy Factory.  We had this one again in 2015 and as you can see here again, No regulars.  The rainbow swirl pop and gummy bunnys were free items.  And the quest dishes were Exploding Cupcakes, Candy Jewel and Easter baskets.


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Quest Calendar September to December.

Good afternoon!  I have gone ahead and updated the quest calendar thru December.  That should give everyone plenty of time to get any long growing items done. I will not be doing any further updates to this Calendar until around Thanksgiving.

Keep in mind I do NOT work for Playdemic.  I am a player. Therefore I can not help with in game issues.

These are my best guesses based on last year.  I could be wrong on dishes or dates.  But GR has not changed a quest dish since Thanksgiving 2015 so its pretty likely the dishes will remain the same.  And I have been pretty accurate for the majority of the year.  I have been wrong 3 times and counting lol.

You will notice that the first Halloween quest has been given three weeks. I believe that skipping Masters of Fruit gave GR an extra week. They will need to use it soon. Probably on a major quest like Halloween or Day of the Dead as otherwise BOTH Halloween quests would end by the 27th of the month. If they add in Masters of Fruit now, it would push everything back two weeks which would mean Day of the dead would run late. That is probably not likely to happen.