Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tips and Tricks: Medals and Achievements

This is a quick way to get some fast experience points.  If you go to the lower right hand corner of your game screen you should see this icon. This is where you can see what achievements you have and which ones you still need.

You can get experience for harvesting crops or animals, buying and selling dishes and ingredients, as well as cooking and serving dishes. These dishes have to be cooked and served from YOUR stove only to count.  And you only need one of each.  A neat little trick is that DELIVERIES count towards medals. Therefore if you go thru all the deliveries eventually you will end up serving a vast majority of the dishes for the medals. And you will not have to use up precious counter space.

Here are a few screen shots of the achievement pages.  Note that the cooking has SIX pages of achievements and farming has four. All the other achievements have just a single page of achievements.

If you see a GOLD trophy that means you are done with that achievement.  If you see just medals that means you are still working on it. 

Spending is easy!

Trading is easy too!

If you look at the cooking and farming achievements you will notice some of the items are colored in while others, are still transparent.  The transparent ones, are the ones I have not done yet. 

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