Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quest Prediction : Independence Day Celebrations

So this past week has been interesting. I can only assume GR has started their party a week early as we did NOT get a mini-quest for our current contract.  As it is now Tuesday, I do believe it UNLIKELY we will see the miniquest for the Wizard. Poor guy. He probably didn't want to go back to Montana anyway. 

So Thursday we SHOULD see the return of the 4th of July quests. There are ACTUALLY three of them. The first one is so crappy you don't want to know about it. Just trust me. 

The second part is called the Mega BBQ.  This is the GR version of BBQ type taco bar. Pick your meat, pick your toppings etc. I don't have a spreadsheet for this one BUT I can tell you its not very good paying and frankly its RIDICULOUSLY confusing.  I can not tell you what the top dish is exactly but I believe they are all in the 150-200 coin range. Of the ingredients I have, the top one is 149 coins. And its 18 hours to cook.  Have I mentioned how much I hate long cooking, low paying stuff recently?  

Alright so that brings us to the ACTUAL quest. We will thankfully be going back to 106 of these dishes. 

First Dish has one of my least favorite ingredients. The scotch bonnet. 2 days to grow. And your return is a measly 78 coin dish. If you were fortunate enough to grow water beetles this quest, it is a MUCH better use of those peppers. 
 Aside from that I do believe the Chicken was the free ingredient. 

And the 2nd dish . This one takes the lobster, tarragon and goose eggs. Which are 1 day to grow but they take up space on your ranch for 14 days unless you either speed them up or kick them to the curb. 

The Last dish is entirely seasonal. The Octopus and Tarragon are BOTH the bottom ingredients in their respective rows and you need TWICE as many Tarragon since its in TWO dishes, as is the lobster.  This is one of the top dishes of the quest. 

If you take a quick glimpse at this quest you will see that the top dish doesn't even get to 300 coins. 

My PERSONAL opinion is this quest is a good excuse to take a vacation. And I am. I will be gone Thursday to Monday for the holiday.  (Hubby and Father in Law share a birthday on the 8th so we are going home so we can have some family time).

Have a good week.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Quest Prediction: Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Gourmet Ranch!

 Next Thursday June 16th we should get a new quest and I am pretty sure we are gonna see a return of the Wizard. 

This isn't a bad quest. Certainly above the Rock the Ranch quest in  my opinion. Could be because I am an avid book reader and I really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz in its original form. 

Like the Rock the Ranch quest, we are gonna be cooking up a storm. For the top level players, 149 of each dish. That could be a lot given that two of the suspected quest dishes are gonna be 12 hours. But  what everyone is REALLY waiting for is not the quest, but the surprise the wizards at GR might give us. 

More on that in a minute, but back to quest talk. 

The first dish last year was the wicked witch's emerald lamb reduction. Yum. 
Found on the Animal Side of the unlocks.

The second dish is the Ruby Tartlets. I left out the middle word on purpose. I misspell it all the time. This dish is just 8 hours.  This is available on the CROP side of the unlocks. And it is the TOP item. 

3rd quest dish was the Tornado Beest Pie. Made with rubbery Flying Wildebeest. This is the top dish available for this quest. Its available on the ANIMAL side for the unlock.  And its a 12 hour dish.  

Here is the spreadsheet for the Wizard.  Red is the supers. Yellow is anything you can grow year round. Blue is just basic information.

But what you really want to know is what the surprise might be?

Well I THINK we might see the exotic animals. If we do they are VERY good dishes. Better than anything the quest has to offer. They are also pretty pricey at 28 keys for just four items. 

But the good stuff always costs more doesn't it?

So our first dish, the flamingos is nearly 600 coins. Only downside is the long term animal the  Dairy Sheep. It takes 2 days to give you Feta Cheese.  Only 8 hours to cook. Not bad though.

So the 2nd dish is the Fried Water beetle. GR is fond of making our imaginary people eat bugs.  But for what they are charging we can claim they are a delicacy I suppose.  Yes you probably noticed that it ALSO takes a long growing ingredient the Scotch bonnet.  So not only are we feeding our people bugs we are giving them peppers that are some of the HOTTEST on the entire planet. And we are still charging a fortune.  Just six hours to cook. I like short dishes. 

The 3rd dish from the Exotic animals is the Wolverine. Oh look ANOTHER long growing item. The pineapple. Three days. Just four hours to cook. I really really like short cooking dishes. 

Snails are bugs in my book. Sorry for those who disagree. And look ANOTHER 3 day crop for this dish. Garlic. But just 4 hours to cook. 

If you need an idea, the snails and wolverine are just 6 keys each to unlock and the flamingo and fried water beetle are 8. Of course you have to go in order of lowest paying (snail) to highest paying (flamingo.).

Have a great day ranchers!

Rock The Ranch Mini Quest

Well Good morning Ranchers!
GR was a bit playful on this mini quest. Normally you have three items you have to do.
Cook, Plant and Unlock. 


Gourmet Ranch added a fourth option for this quest. HARVEST.  That meant I had to wait for some stuff to finish before I could move on to the next step. It didn't stop me from doing the quest but it did slow me down a bit lol. 

So let's get started. 



You need 20 sorrel and 20 chili peppers. As well as 20 Rock potatoes. 

You will need 20 Presley Duck, 40 Reggae Rice, 20 Lemons, 20 Rock potatoes and 20 Curry Leaves.



You will need 20 Jagger Cows, 20 Jazz  Bean Sprouts and 20 Bell peppers


You will need 20 Ringo Calamari, 20 Jagger cows and 20 rock potatoes. 

So your grocery / prep list is as follows.

Items you need to cook

60 Rock potatoes
40 Jagger Cows
40 Reggae Rice
20 Presley Duck
20 Jazz bean Sprouts
20 Ringo Calamari

20 Sorrel
20 Chili Peppers
20 Lemons
20 Curry Leaves
20 Bell Peppers

20 Rock potatoes
20 Reggae Rice
20 Presley Ducks

I hope everyone has a great day and a great weekend!

Welcome back Slot Machine!

I know so many of us missed it.  

Okay so if you are one of the lucky people who got the slot machine let me tell you how it works. You click on it and it should bring up a small slot machine. Two rows. One for the crop or animal row and one for the stars. Stars determine your discount. IE 3 stars is 50 percent off. 2 Stars is 40 percent I think and 1 star is just 30 percent. Most people get 3 stars.  For the 1st slot which is the crop or animal you should see the last animal or crop up for contention. IE Iguana, and Jackfruit. 

It costs you NOTHING to spin the wheel. So spin it and see what they offer you. 

So here is an offer. Regular cost of all these ingredients is a whopping 32 keys. You can have the whole row for just 16 keys. 

Of course not everyone would be happy with this row.  Saffron is a necessary ingredient at Christmas time and its in a major super. Cloves is in a super as well though not a very good one.  

If you decide this row is NOT the row for you, and you would rather have another spin, you have to pony up some keys to do so.  You need to unlock the FIRST item ONLY.  In this case it would be cloves.  So it would cost you 3 keys for a 2nd spin.  You can continue to unlock the first item of each row til you find a row you think is agreeable. It can get very expensive VERY quickly.  It ultimately comes down to what your preference is.  I personally suggest you unlock rows that have super ingredients in them. Especially supers that are often quest dishes. 

You only get to have ONE full row so you definitely want it to be the best row for you it can be. 

If you need an idea on how the Slot machine decides it starts with the rows you have the fewest items unlocked. Why? Well GR is a business. This will make you use the most amount of keys. Its technically better for you except for some of us those rows are probably just in the fish category by now. 

So looking above you can see I need 7 items in that row unlocked.  That means if I have a row with 4 ingredients I want to unlock, I have to get just about every other row to that same level before that row would even come into consideration. 

I wouldn't advise more than 2 or 3 spins. After that you have spent what keys you would have saved had the slot machine not even come along. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Masters of Fruit Mastery Chart.

Good Afternoon Ranchers I have been hard at work with some new stuff for the blog. Right now I have made the chart for ALL the steps for the Fruit Mastery. It is an um-timed mini-quest on your right hand side. Its has the fruit icon.

Harvest 100 Raspberry,
Serve 25 Raspberry Tart

Reward 5000 Coins
Harvest 100 Watermelon
Serve 25 Watermelon Sorbet

Reward 500 XP
Harvest 100 Grapes,
Serve, 25 Grape Juice

Reward 1000 XP
Unlock Strawberry
Harvest 200 Strawberries
Serve 50 Strawberry Milkshake

Reward 100 Speedups
Unlock Pineapple
Harvest 200 Pineapples
Serve 50 Pineapple Puddings

Reward 3 GR Cash
Unlock Kiwi
Harvest 200 Kiwi
Serve 50 Grape and Kiwi Pudding

Reward 10,000 Coins
Unlock Blackberry
Harvest 300 Blackberries
Serve 75 Blackberry Crumble

Reward 1500 XP
Unlock Cranberry
Harvest 300 Cranberries
Serve 75 Stuffed Goose

Reward 2000 XP
Unlock Passion Fruit
Harvest 300 Passion Fruit
Serve 75 Passion Fruit Meringue

Reward 125 Speedups
Unlock Blueberry
Harvest 400 Blueberries
Serve 100 Vanilla and Blueberry Pancakes

Reward 6 GR Cash
Unlock Honeydew Melon
Harvest 400 Honeydew Melon
Serve 100 Melon Madness

Reward 20,000 Coins
Unlock Pomegranate
Harvest 400 Pomegranates
Serve 100 Bream with Orange

Reward 2500 XP

Unlock Black Currant
Harvest 500 Black Currants
Serve 125 Baked Alaska

Reward 3000 XP
Unlock Gooseberry
Harvest 500 Gooseberries
Serve 125 Gooseberry Gems

Reward 150 Speedups

Unlock Red Grape
Harvest 500 Red Grapes
Serve 124 Steak with Red Wine Jus

Reward 8 GR Cash
Unlock Starfruit
Harvest 600 Starfruits
Serve 150 Exotic Fruit Kebab

Reward 30000 Coins
Unlock Rhubarb
Harvest 600 Rhubarb
Serve 150 Plum and Rhubarb Pie

Reward 3500 XP
Unlock Dragon Fruit
Harvest 600 Dragon Fruit
Serve 150 Low Cal Salad

Reward 4000 XP
Unlock Kumquat Shrub
Harvest 750 Kumquats
Serve 175 Kumquat Yogurt

Reward 175 Speedups
Unlock Acai Bush
Harvest 75 Acai Berries
Serve 175 Acai Crepes

Reward 10 GR Cash
Unlock Fig Shrub
Harvest 750 Figs
Serve 175 Angler Fish with Figs

Reward 50000 coins 
Unlock Prickly Pear
Harvest 900 Prickly Pears
Serve 200 Fiery Prickly Pear Jelly

Reward 4500Xp
Unlock Lingonberry
Harvest 900 Lingonberry
Serve 200 Lingonberry Sorbet

Reward 5000 XP

Unlock Elderberry
Harvest 900 Elderberry
Serve 200 Swordfish with Elderberry Sauce

Reward 5500 XP
Unlock Physalis
Harvest 1000 Physalis
Serve 250 Chocolate and Physalis Cupcakes

Reward 200 Speedups
Unlock Jackfruit
Harvest 1000 Jackfruits
Serve 250 Jackfruit Mint Soothie

Reward 13 GR Cash
Unlock Damson
Harvest 1000 Damson
Serve 250 Damson, Pear and Walnut Muffins

Reward Functional Trophy