Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tips and Tricks: Neighbors

A really great group of neighbors can make your enjoyment of this game so much better. They can help you with Quests, they can help you with ingredients you may not have yet unlocked. And the social aspect of this game just makes it so much more worthwhile. Neighbors are really the key to growing in this game.   You can do almost everything in the game without a neighbor but it makes the game slow going.  Most people tend to give up when they see very little progress.  With neighbors you can progress quickly and painlessly.  I am nearly level 600. Most of the people I play with have played far longer than me, and I have passed up many of them.   A good network like in real life is gonna make all the difference in the world for your game.

You can also visit neighbors and they can visit you.  You can click on their picture in your neighbor bar or in your neighbor management. That would be this guy.

 In neighbor management you will be able to see who has visited you recently.  When you visit a neighbor you can do FOUR things. You can fertilize TWO crops. This will allow your neighbor to harvest DOUBLE. IE instead of just one item they will get TWO.  You can also feed one of their animals, once again doubling the harvest on that particular plot.   And then you can spice their food. A spiced dish adds 25% of the servings.  Since many neighbors will sell the dishes on their stoves that means there is more to buy.  You can tell if someone has visited you easily enough if you ranch is sparkling. Anything a neighbor has touched will literally have little sparkles floating around it.

A good tip for getting people to visit you is not have a lot of decorations out. It will slow their loading time significantly and most neighbors will skip farms that are super busy.

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