Saturday, April 30, 2016

What Comes Next? Quest Prediction!

So what comes next? The question I hear the most. Once we start to wind down from a quest, everyone starts looking around trying to figure out what they should grow in advance.  I am not sure how some of the older players managed years ago but LOL us newer players definitely like being prepared for upcoming quests.

So my prediction?


So this is a medium level quest. The dishes are mid-range.  The top dish on this quest is a quest dish and its 397 coins. Its also entirely seasonal. So you need items from BOTH sides to make the dish. 

The three quest dishes are as follows:

Broccoli (ugh again I am sorry) and Chives

Rice and Salmon

Look ma! No Regulars! 

So if you are looking at this like me, you will notice you need the Fire eater's nori TWICE. 

But really you are gonna watch out for this guy!

Apparently GR developers thought we needed a fish that smokes in a barrel.  He is ready to harvest when his eyes are bloodshot.  

As always I will post the spreadsheet as well. So you can grow 20-40 of each of the regulars for the mini quest that comes a week after the start of the new quest.

As always Red is seasonal. Its exclusive to this quest.  Yellow is regulars and Blue is just basic information. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

European Vacation Mini Quest

Well good morning! I hope you are having a productive Thursday.  You may have noticed that the mini quest has popped up for this quest on your right hand side.

Like all previous mini quests, you do need BOTH sides unlocked fully.  At the end of seven steps you get 10 GR cash.  And the good news is, it is NOT like Easter where they took from all 3 available quests. Its just european vacation that you need unlocked. 








And if you need it, I have made a nice handy dandy reference guide of what you need on hand for all the cooking.   You need 20 of most of the seasonals and then 20 of each of the regulars listed below. 

That is it from me this morning. I hope everyone has a good day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

European Vacation Returns! Plus Bonus Quests

As you may have noticed we got European Vacation back. 

As you can see from my prediction

Its all pretty much the same as last year. And since I already covered it once in the prediction above I will skip it. 

I will however point out we are treated to TWO bonus quests. 

I am not sure I would call the royal wedding a quest as I have regular dishes that make more coins that those dishes. So I will just consider that one dead weight. 

If you take a peep at Royal Jubilee. Its not a great quest. But if you have it unlocked its certainly an interesting one. 

The top dish on this quest? Haggis with Stag. Which makes a whole 190.99 coins.  Yep its a cheap dish for a lot of coins. Unless you have tons and tons of coins to splurge its not really worth the expense.

I also want to take a minute and point out Royal Haggis is 18 hours to grow. And the dish is 18 hours to cook. I abhor anything over 12 hours. 

So yes I will be passing on unlocking this quest unless I win the 500 keys from treasure hunting here soon. 

Until then focus your keys and efforts on European Vacation. It will be one of the last high value quests we see here for a few months actually. The rest will be 400 coins and below. EEP!

If you are a new player and wondering which side of this quest to unlock, well CROPS are best. The dish itself requires relatively easy ingredients as opposed to the ibex which takes zucchini and quail eggs. Both of which are pretty far down on the unlock menu.  Lobio which is made from the marigolds only takes walnuts which is an easy tree ingredient and adzuki beans which are about half way down in salad and beans. Its more manageable and easier to get unlocked. 

This Thursday look for Gourmet Ranch to update with a mini quest.  I will be doing this one as well to help out anyone who needs the info.  I suggest popping over  HERE and checking out the spreadsheet to make sure you have at least 20 of everything on hand. That includes the supers. 

Have a Great day ranchers!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chinese New Year: Mini Quest Preview

So its Tuesday here in Kansas. This time on Thursday we will have a mini quest.  The mini quest in case you do not know is a second chance at 10 GR cash.  The only catch is BOTH sides need to be open in order to do the mini quest. Keep in mind this is LAST year's mini quest and is most likely what you will see for this year. 




Red Bean Dessert takes Sheeps Lotus Seed, Adzuki Beans and Oranges
Snapper with Sesame Seeds takes Rats Sesame Seeds, Bunching onions and Red Snapper
Pomelo Salad takes Monkeys Pomelo, limes and chili pepper


Taro Cake, Takes Roosters Taro, Pigs Chinese Mushroom and Shrimp
Crispy Pork and Mushroom Rolls takes Pigs Chinese Mushrooms, Wild Boar meat and Ginger.


Prawn Noodle Soup  takes Tigers Kafir Lime, King Prawns and Lemongrass


Nian Gao takes Dogs Rice, Dragons Brown Sugar and Snakes Red Dates. 


Eight Treasure Pudding - Takes Dogs Rice, Dragons Brown Sugar and Adzuki Beans
Spicy Beef with Beansprouts takes Rabbits Beansprouts, Scotch Bonnet and Aberdeen Angus Beef

If you need it quick and dirty this is my checklist.  This is what you should have on hand to do the mini. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Return of Chinese New Year!

SO Gourmet Ranch has heard their players' pleas and answered them with a resounding YES ! HERE IS YOUR FAVORITE QUEST!!!!  It's Chinese New Year!  Okay its a bit late for CNY but better late than never.  And also its the year of the monkey.  Not the year of sheep in case you were wondering. 

So here is the quest.  Three dishes. All the same as last year. (No surprise there).

You only have to grow THREE seasonal ingredients for this quest. And they are ALL in the SAME row. 

I will point out that you need the Dog's Rice for ALL three dishes.  Its a free ingredient so if you can't unlock anything else grow and trade it. Trust me your neighbors will buy it. ALL of it. 

These are the dishes at a glance. 

Nian Gao, if you didn't already know is the TOP dish in the entire game. IF you can unlock it. And its just 26 keys. You want to unlock it. 

As always I will upload the Spreadsheet for easy viewing of this quest. 

Green is basic info, Red are the seasonals and Yellow are as always just regulars. 

I will have the mini quest up later next week. I have the steps saved from last year so everyone will have a head start on it.  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Quest Prediction: European Vacation

So with the Easter quests winding down, its now time to start preparing for the European Vacation quest.   It SHOULD be the next quest but Gourmet Ranch could very well play switcharoo and change quests.   That being said, this quest will come along at some point this year so worst case scenario you have the items grown in advance.

So when the quest first premiered it was a doozy. This was 2014's quest dishes.  Take a good look at those numbers.  318 of EACH dish.  While this is an unlikely event to be repeated just remember this when you see what you will probably actually have to cook lol.

So this is last year's quest.  We got two of the super dishes. YAY!

Well shall we cover the good news on this one first?  You only need the animals unlocked to do this quest.  That's right. ALL three quest items are animals.  BIG YAY!

Alright so are we ready for the bad news? No? Well too bad. 

Take a quick look at Dish number 2.  BROCCOLI.  My nemesis. A dreaded 3 day ingredient. 

And of course the other two dishes, Ibex, and Leipajuusto. 

I would like to say I feel like Gourmet Ranch was feeling particularly hateful when they did this quest. Having a long growing item in each dish is a bit of nuisance as well as having mostly items from the bottom rows of the market. Quail Eggs are 1 day to grow.  If you plant those birdies be forewarned they take 14 harvests.   Figs take 18 hours to grow as well.   

And of course just for reference I will put the full spreadsheet here. 

As always blue is just information. Red are the seasonal ingredients and yellow is a regular ingredient you can grow year round. 

The top dish of this entire quest is actually the Georgian Marigold. Not part of the quest but certainly a good one to watch for.