Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tips and Tricks : Buying and Selling


Sales - Have a sale daily of ingredients.  There is an experience cap on buying / selling ingredients from neighbors.  If you don't have anything to sell you can either buy in bulk from Big Mart and sell those items for profit. Or grow some quick turnaround items. Coffee, Barley, Rosemary etc.  Coffee was my go to item when I first got started.  If you don't want to waste time or space growing anything you can find a neighbor and pass back and forth ingredients until you hit your cap. There will be a small popup once you do saying you have reached your daily experience cap for buying ingredients. You can still buy ingredients, you just will not receive any further experience from the purchases.

Have Dish Sales - Unlike ingredient sales, dish sales are really your best friend. The experience you can gain from buying and selling dishes is UNLIMITED. The better the dishes, the more experience you will gain. For every 30 coins a dish sells for its 2 experience points roughly. When you are buying and selling dishes in the 300-500 coin range, that can add up very quickly. 

During a major quest, you are going to want to find a partner. And each of you cook dishes for the other person.  That way you get the experience for cooking the dish and for selling as well as buying and you are not out anything.   You do not get any additional experience beyond cooking when you just serve a dish to your counters.  For example the Rippers Flapjacks is over 300 XP just to cook it. If you sell it roughly 4k servings. It comes out to roughly 22 XP per serving. That is an additional 88k in experience points!!  You lose those 88k experience points the minute you serve it your counters.

To give you a visual idea this is the dish I bought.

My experience both before and after purchase. 

The difference is 65,657 experience. 

This is exactly why I tell everyone buy and sell HIGH dishes. Because those dishes make a huge difference in your game play. 

For every single dish you cook that is NOT part of the Mini Quests you are gonna want to put it in your fridge first. This is an additional 2 XP per dish.  I currently have 84 stoves and that is 168 XP every time I clear off cooked dishes. It might not seem like a lot but it all adds up. 

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