Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Getting Started on Gourmet Ranch

Gourmet Ranch is a farming and cooking game. Essentially you grow crops which you then cook on your stoves and serve to your customers.  This is a glimpse of my ranch.

If you look on your left hand side you will see a timer counting down. That is a Quest.
This is our current Quest

If you look to your right you will see a bunch of smaller icons those are Mini-Quests. These are not timed and can be completed at your leisure.

From there go up to the very top and center of your ranch. It should show you your level. It shows how much XP or experience you have earned and how much you have left to your next level. 

Now if you peek over in the top left hand corner you should see a bunch of icons stacked on top of each other. 

This is what coins you have earned and what is available. 

GR Cash, This can be used to buy keys or decorations or the faster red stoves. (My favorite)

Keys are the next item. These are used to unlock any item you want to grow. Its always good to have some keys on hand just in case. 

And under there is speedups. Speedups allow you to speed up stoves, counters, crops or animals. 

You will notice on the bottom is your  neighbor bar this is where you can find your neighbors. They are super important to your game. You need neighbors to help you build your boat house and to buy and sell items to.  Here is a row of my top neighbors. You can see a few have items and dishes for sale.  Ingredients for sale is the apple carrot icon. Dishes are the little slices of pie you see. 

Then in your bottom right corner you should see a bunch of small icons
 The Market where you unlock items to grow. 
 This is for in game achievements. You can get lots of XP here. 
 Neighbor management. Here you can visit neighbors, see who has visited you and of course add, remove or block neighbors in game. 

 This icon will allow you to customize your avatar
 This is for collections. During Fishing trips you sometimes find these items. If you collect all in a particular series, you get a prize. 

 This is the decor icon. From here you will buy stoves, counters, chairs, tables, wallpaper, flooring and all kinds of stuff to make your ranch unique. 

 The expansion icon is for expanding your ranch, your cafe and your fridge. 

The Gifts tab. This is where your friends and neighbors send you gifts. If its yellow like this that  means you have gifts waiting for you to collect. 

 The recipe book where you will find all regular dishes and a few seasonal dishes. Most seasonal dishes can only be found in the recipe book during their quest.

Now looking around your ranch you might find a few other items.  These are places you are gonna use frequently.  

Deliveries. From here you will be asked to cook dishes in exchange for GR Cash, Coins, XP, and Special Decor. These are timed. And each delivery requires you to ask neighbors for gas. 

This is your larder. Everything you grow / harvest will go here. Items you buy from neighbors will go here as well.  
Storage is where all your decorations will go. 

And these are your stoves. The first shows a dish that is not yet completed. It tells you how much longer is needed. 

Once a dish is done it will give you an option to serve trade or store.

When you click on a ready stove it will show you what you will get for trading it versus serving. 

When cooking keep in mind once something is on your counters it is there until you delete it, it runs out or you speed it up.  Items served to the trade store or fridge can be moved to any of the three locations

This is the fridge at max capacity it will be able to hold 20 dishes. This one holds 15. 

This is your trade store.

And these are counters 

Also located on your ranch is fishing dock.  From here you can hunt for GR Cash, Coins, Keys and Special Decor as well as items to finish off collections. 

That is the rundown of everything on your ranch.  This is just the basics.  I will be adding more information on tips and tricks to help you really progress. I have been playing just over a year and have passed many people who have been playing 2-3 years. 

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you on the ranch!

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