Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Masters of Fruit Mastery Chart.

Good Afternoon Ranchers I have been hard at work with some new stuff for the blog. Right now I have made the chart for ALL the steps for the Fruit Mastery. It is an um-timed mini-quest on your right hand side. Its has the fruit icon.

Harvest 100 Raspberry,
Serve 25 Raspberry Tart

Reward 5000 Coins
Harvest 100 Watermelon
Serve 25 Watermelon Sorbet

Reward 500 XP
Harvest 100 Grapes,
Serve, 25 Grape Juice

Reward 1000 XP
Unlock Strawberry
Harvest 200 Strawberries
Serve 50 Strawberry Milkshake

Reward 100 Speedups
Unlock Pineapple
Harvest 200 Pineapples
Serve 50 Pineapple Puddings

Reward 3 GR Cash
Unlock Kiwi
Harvest 200 Kiwi
Serve 50 Grape and Kiwi Pudding

Reward 10,000 Coins
Unlock Blackberry
Harvest 300 Blackberries
Serve 75 Blackberry Crumble

Reward 1500 XP
Unlock Cranberry
Harvest 300 Cranberries
Serve 75 Stuffed Goose

Reward 2000 XP
Unlock Passion Fruit
Harvest 300 Passion Fruit
Serve 75 Passion Fruit Meringue

Reward 125 Speedups
Unlock Blueberry
Harvest 400 Blueberries
Serve 100 Vanilla and Blueberry Pancakes

Reward 6 GR Cash
Unlock Honeydew Melon
Harvest 400 Honeydew Melon
Serve 100 Melon Madness

Reward 20,000 Coins
Unlock Pomegranate
Harvest 400 Pomegranates
Serve 100 Bream with Orange

Reward 2500 XP

Unlock Black Currant
Harvest 500 Black Currants
Serve 125 Baked Alaska

Reward 3000 XP
Unlock Gooseberry
Harvest 500 Gooseberries
Serve 125 Gooseberry Gems

Reward 150 Speedups

Unlock Red Grape
Harvest 500 Red Grapes
Serve 124 Steak with Red Wine Jus

Reward 8 GR Cash
Unlock Starfruit
Harvest 600 Starfruits
Serve 150 Exotic Fruit Kebab

Reward 30000 Coins
Unlock Rhubarb
Harvest 600 Rhubarb
Serve 150 Plum and Rhubarb Pie

Reward 3500 XP
Unlock Dragon Fruit
Harvest 600 Dragon Fruit
Serve 150 Low Cal Salad

Reward 4000 XP
Unlock Kumquat Shrub
Harvest 750 Kumquats
Serve 175 Kumquat Yogurt

Reward 175 Speedups
Unlock Acai Bush
Harvest 75 Acai Berries
Serve 175 Acai Crepes

Reward 10 GR Cash
Unlock Fig Shrub
Harvest 750 Figs
Serve 175 Angler Fish with Figs

Reward 50000 coins 
Unlock Prickly Pear
Harvest 900 Prickly Pears
Serve 200 Fiery Prickly Pear Jelly

Reward 4500Xp
Unlock Lingonberry
Harvest 900 Lingonberry
Serve 200 Lingonberry Sorbet

Reward 5000 XP

Unlock Elderberry
Harvest 900 Elderberry
Serve 200 Swordfish with Elderberry Sauce

Reward 5500 XP
Unlock Physalis
Harvest 1000 Physalis
Serve 250 Chocolate and Physalis Cupcakes

Reward 200 Speedups
Unlock Jackfruit
Harvest 1000 Jackfruits
Serve 250 Jackfruit Mint Soothie

Reward 13 GR Cash
Unlock Damson
Harvest 1000 Damson
Serve 250 Damson, Pear and Walnut Muffins

Reward Functional Trophy

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