Monday, May 30, 2016

Quest Prediction: Are you ready to ROCK?!?

Are you ready to rock your ranch GR style?

Well get ready! All the greats will be visiting your ranch on Thursday.  Ringo, Hendrix, Elton, Jagger and of course Presley.  

Are you excited? Of course you are. Except this is one of those lackluster quests I am sorry to say. 

Lets take a quick glance at our handy dandy spreadsheet. 

Top dish on this quest 210 coins. Yikes.  The good news is the rock potatoes are a FREE ingredient. YAY. The bad news is Ringo takes 18 hours to get ready.  SO this quest has the double whammy of long growing and low paying.  If you are short on keys feel free to skip this quest but remember to give your neighbors time to grow. 

Oh but I have a little bit more bad news. 

First this is high dish quest. So instead of our usual 106 dishes, we are gonna have to do 149 of each dish. 

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. 

The expected quest dishes 

Surf and Turf Burger
Ringo Calamari, Jagger Cow and Rock Potatoes

Festival Lamb Kabobs
Hendrix Sheep, Disco Onions and Tomatillos

Indian Peppered Lamb and Chips
Punk Pepper, Hendrix Sheep and Disco Onions

Now go back and look again. Do you see the issue. DOUBLES!!! We need double of the Disco Onions and double of the Hendrix sheep.  But since this is a quest with a higher dish count. That actually means we need 300 of each of those ingredients. 

The good news is you only need ONE regular so 149 tomatillos.  Everyone should be able to grow those at least and the potatoes. 

In addition to this quest GR brings back the Gourmet Games. Its not an exciting quest and its even lower paying that this quest. I don't have a spreadsheet so you will have to take my word.

Have a great week and happy ranching !

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  1. Thank you for all your updates on the possible events, I love this game! I play Daily. I have all regular ingredients unlock, now I can work on getting all seasonal ingredients unlock now.