Friday, June 10, 2016

Quest Prediction: Follow the Yellow Brick Road!!!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Gourmet Ranch!

 Next Thursday June 16th we should get a new quest and I am pretty sure we are gonna see a return of the Wizard. 

This isn't a bad quest. Certainly above the Rock the Ranch quest in  my opinion. Could be because I am an avid book reader and I really enjoyed the Wizard of Oz in its original form. 

Like the Rock the Ranch quest, we are gonna be cooking up a storm. For the top level players, 149 of each dish. That could be a lot given that two of the suspected quest dishes are gonna be 12 hours. But  what everyone is REALLY waiting for is not the quest, but the surprise the wizards at GR might give us. 

More on that in a minute, but back to quest talk. 

The first dish last year was the wicked witch's emerald lamb reduction. Yum. 
Found on the Animal Side of the unlocks.

The second dish is the Ruby Tartlets. I left out the middle word on purpose. I misspell it all the time. This dish is just 8 hours.  This is available on the CROP side of the unlocks. And it is the TOP item. 

3rd quest dish was the Tornado Beest Pie. Made with rubbery Flying Wildebeest. This is the top dish available for this quest. Its available on the ANIMAL side for the unlock.  And its a 12 hour dish.  

Here is the spreadsheet for the Wizard.  Red is the supers. Yellow is anything you can grow year round. Blue is just basic information.

But what you really want to know is what the surprise might be?

Well I THINK we might see the exotic animals. If we do they are VERY good dishes. Better than anything the quest has to offer. They are also pretty pricey at 28 keys for just four items. 

But the good stuff always costs more doesn't it?

So our first dish, the flamingos is nearly 600 coins. Only downside is the long term animal the  Dairy Sheep. It takes 2 days to give you Feta Cheese.  Only 8 hours to cook. Not bad though.

So the 2nd dish is the Fried Water beetle. GR is fond of making our imaginary people eat bugs.  But for what they are charging we can claim they are a delicacy I suppose.  Yes you probably noticed that it ALSO takes a long growing ingredient the Scotch bonnet.  So not only are we feeding our people bugs we are giving them peppers that are some of the HOTTEST on the entire planet. And we are still charging a fortune.  Just six hours to cook. I like short dishes. 

The 3rd dish from the Exotic animals is the Wolverine. Oh look ANOTHER long growing item. The pineapple. Three days. Just four hours to cook. I really really like short cooking dishes. 

Snails are bugs in my book. Sorry for those who disagree. And look ANOTHER 3 day crop for this dish. Garlic. But just 4 hours to cook. 

If you need an idea, the snails and wolverine are just 6 keys each to unlock and the flamingo and fried water beetle are 8. Of course you have to go in order of lowest paying (snail) to highest paying (flamingo.).

Have a great day ranchers!

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