Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quest Prediction : Independence Day Celebrations

So this past week has been interesting. I can only assume GR has started their party a week early as we did NOT get a mini-quest for our current contract.  As it is now Tuesday, I do believe it UNLIKELY we will see the miniquest for the Wizard. Poor guy. He probably didn't want to go back to Montana anyway. 

So Thursday we SHOULD see the return of the 4th of July quests. There are ACTUALLY three of them. The first one is so crappy you don't want to know about it. Just trust me. 

The second part is called the Mega BBQ.  This is the GR version of BBQ type taco bar. Pick your meat, pick your toppings etc. I don't have a spreadsheet for this one BUT I can tell you its not very good paying and frankly its RIDICULOUSLY confusing.  I can not tell you what the top dish is exactly but I believe they are all in the 150-200 coin range. Of the ingredients I have, the top one is 149 coins. And its 18 hours to cook.  Have I mentioned how much I hate long cooking, low paying stuff recently?  

Alright so that brings us to the ACTUAL quest. We will thankfully be going back to 106 of these dishes. 

First Dish has one of my least favorite ingredients. The scotch bonnet. 2 days to grow. And your return is a measly 78 coin dish. If you were fortunate enough to grow water beetles this quest, it is a MUCH better use of those peppers. 
 Aside from that I do believe the Chicken was the free ingredient. 

And the 2nd dish . This one takes the lobster, tarragon and goose eggs. Which are 1 day to grow but they take up space on your ranch for 14 days unless you either speed them up or kick them to the curb. 

The Last dish is entirely seasonal. The Octopus and Tarragon are BOTH the bottom ingredients in their respective rows and you need TWICE as many Tarragon since its in TWO dishes, as is the lobster.  This is one of the top dishes of the quest. 

If you take a quick glimpse at this quest you will see that the top dish doesn't even get to 300 coins. 

My PERSONAL opinion is this quest is a good excuse to take a vacation. And I am. I will be gone Thursday to Monday for the holiday.  (Hubby and Father in Law share a birthday on the 8th so we are going home so we can have some family time).

Have a good week.

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