Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome back Slot Machine!

I know so many of us missed it.  

Okay so if you are one of the lucky people who got the slot machine let me tell you how it works. You click on it and it should bring up a small slot machine. Two rows. One for the crop or animal row and one for the stars. Stars determine your discount. IE 3 stars is 50 percent off. 2 Stars is 40 percent I think and 1 star is just 30 percent. Most people get 3 stars.  For the 1st slot which is the crop or animal you should see the last animal or crop up for contention. IE Iguana, and Jackfruit. 

It costs you NOTHING to spin the wheel. So spin it and see what they offer you. 

So here is an offer. Regular cost of all these ingredients is a whopping 32 keys. You can have the whole row for just 16 keys. 

Of course not everyone would be happy with this row.  Saffron is a necessary ingredient at Christmas time and its in a major super. Cloves is in a super as well though not a very good one.  

If you decide this row is NOT the row for you, and you would rather have another spin, you have to pony up some keys to do so.  You need to unlock the FIRST item ONLY.  In this case it would be cloves.  So it would cost you 3 keys for a 2nd spin.  You can continue to unlock the first item of each row til you find a row you think is agreeable. It can get very expensive VERY quickly.  It ultimately comes down to what your preference is.  I personally suggest you unlock rows that have super ingredients in them. Especially supers that are often quest dishes. 

You only get to have ONE full row so you definitely want it to be the best row for you it can be. 

If you need an idea on how the Slot machine decides it starts with the rows you have the fewest items unlocked. Why? Well GR is a business. This will make you use the most amount of keys. Its technically better for you except for some of us those rows are probably just in the fish category by now. 

So looking above you can see I need 7 items in that row unlocked.  That means if I have a row with 4 ingredients I want to unlock, I have to get just about every other row to that same level before that row would even come into consideration. 

I wouldn't advise more than 2 or 3 spins. After that you have spent what keys you would have saved had the slot machine not even come along. 

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