Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quest Calendar for 2016

With 2016 fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment and give players a rundown of what quests to expect for 2016.  I obviously won't cover the whole year. Just til Easter. 

January 7th - New Quest.  Last year we had Dinosaurs and Rapunzel.  I am hoping for Dinosaurs. 

January 21st  New Quest   Chinese New Year (falls on Feb 6th this year)

Feb 4th  New Quest Valentines!  

Feb 18th  New Quest Mardi Gras / Carnival Quest

March 3rd New Quest  St Patricks Day Quest

March 17th New Quest Easter Quest

Given the last three quests have used the EXACT same quest dishes as previous years its a safe bet to say you will need those dishes again.  I am only putting the REGULARS you need for these quests. 

For Dinosaurs
Lynthrax Steak N Turf - Capers and Blue Lobster
Pterdactyl Pizza - King Prawns and Flour
Echinodon Enchiladas - Fava Beans and Leeks

For Rapunzel
Forest Cordial - Seasonal'
Vension with Hawthorn Jus - venison / deer
Mallow Salad - Olives

For Chinese New Year
Nian Gao - All seasonal items
Eight Treasure Pudding -Adzuki Beans
Tang Yuan Dumplings - Peanuts, Sugar


MardiGras Carnival

St Patricks Day
Antler Kebabs- Possum, Tarwi
Strawgetti and Meatballs - Oregano , springbok steaks
Musical Stew - Celeriac and Rutabaga


Dinosaurs had 139 batches and Easter was 159 batches.  SO keep that in mind you are likely to need that amount for them this time around as well. 

Happy ranching!

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  1. Lets hope they dont mess things up like they did for "All the trimmings". Thanks Stephanie, I may not have a active trading group anymore but at least I can plan ahead.