Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Missing Elf Quest has Returned!

Good Morning Ranchers! Its chilly here in Kansas hope its warm wherever you are.  

Today Gourmet Ranch released for the third time their Missing Elf Quest.  This is originally from 2013 but it was re-released last year while Gourmet Ranch worked on their mobile app.  This year we have the EXACT same quest dishes as last year. 

I am kinda glad as I still have two of those dishes still on my counters. So I do not need to make room. My only complaint is of course the long growing ingredients for this quest. Yak milk is 3 days and chocolate is 2 days.

And we are also back down to just 106 batches for each dish which is nice. It will make this quest very fast and easy for those who have done it before. 

We have just over 12 days for this quest.

And the dishes are as follows,

Thanks for checking us out and have a great day!

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