Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Possible Teaser for Upcoming Quest?

If you were on this morning, trying to get onto Gourmet Ranch you were met with an unusual sight.  AN UPDATE!

Now obviously when you logged in after this so called update, no noticeable changes were present which leads me to think this is a possible teaser.  POSSIBLE. 

This quest has been released TWICE. Once in 2012 and again just a few months ago in November. So why we would be seeing it again so soon is beyond me.  But its one of those regular item quests with no seasonals so its not a tough quest. 

In 2012 the Dishes were Bear Steaks with Horseradish, Seal n Turf and Penguin with Mushrooms. 
In 2015 the dishes were Bear steaks with horseradish, seal stew and roasted penguin with quinoa. 

In 2015 we were also given the mastery animals for livestock and exotic animals. 

There is no guarantee we will see the above dishes.  But if you want to grow some polar bears, seals and penguins they aren't hard to grow a round or two before Thursday comes.  The reason for those ingredients is the quest was made to introduce those three ingredients as regulars to players.  While its not a guarantee to see those dishes its a good possibility if it repeats that at least ONE of those animals would be featured. 

November 2012 Promotional for Arctic Chill

November 2015 Promotional for Arctic Chill

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