Thursday, December 3, 2015

Get Ready now for All the Trimmings!

Good morning ranchers! Now that we have started the Missing Elf quest, its time to start a little advance preparation for it's followup quest, All the Trimmings.  Originally released in 2013 it is the second half of the Missing Elf Story. It went for three weeks both in 2013 and during its re-release last year.  It is safe to assume you will get the same three weeks. 

That quest was particularly tough because it had not one but TWO very long growing ingredients, Turkeys and Starfruit. Now turkeys everyone should be able to grow. But the fact that we just had a quest that used a bunch of turkeys made a lot of people short on those yummy birds.  Starfruit is also a three day crop and its very near the bottom of the fruit section. Just before Kumquats (which some people might have unlocked for this quest).  It was easily the most difficult of the ingredients to come by as few people grew them and fewer still had them in stock.  

Since Gourmet Ranch has repeated the exact same quest dishes for the last TWO quests, its a good possibility we might see those same dishes repeated. 

I have put all three of LAST year's quest dishes below so you get ready.   I will be adding the remainder of the All the Trimmings quest information to the blog today. 

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