Saturday, April 30, 2016

What Comes Next? Quest Prediction!

So what comes next? The question I hear the most. Once we start to wind down from a quest, everyone starts looking around trying to figure out what they should grow in advance.  I am not sure how some of the older players managed years ago but LOL us newer players definitely like being prepared for upcoming quests.

So my prediction?


So this is a medium level quest. The dishes are mid-range.  The top dish on this quest is a quest dish and its 397 coins. Its also entirely seasonal. So you need items from BOTH sides to make the dish. 

The three quest dishes are as follows:

Broccoli (ugh again I am sorry) and Chives

Rice and Salmon

Look ma! No Regulars! 

So if you are looking at this like me, you will notice you need the Fire eater's nori TWICE. 

But really you are gonna watch out for this guy!

Apparently GR developers thought we needed a fish that smokes in a barrel.  He is ready to harvest when his eyes are bloodshot.  

As always I will post the spreadsheet as well. So you can grow 20-40 of each of the regulars for the mini quest that comes a week after the start of the new quest.

As always Red is seasonal. Its exclusive to this quest.  Yellow is regulars and Blue is just basic information. 

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