Friday, April 8, 2016

Return of Chinese New Year!

SO Gourmet Ranch has heard their players' pleas and answered them with a resounding YES ! HERE IS YOUR FAVORITE QUEST!!!!  It's Chinese New Year!  Okay its a bit late for CNY but better late than never.  And also its the year of the monkey.  Not the year of sheep in case you were wondering. 

So here is the quest.  Three dishes. All the same as last year. (No surprise there).

You only have to grow THREE seasonal ingredients for this quest. And they are ALL in the SAME row. 

I will point out that you need the Dog's Rice for ALL three dishes.  Its a free ingredient so if you can't unlock anything else grow and trade it. Trust me your neighbors will buy it. ALL of it. 

These are the dishes at a glance. 

Nian Gao, if you didn't already know is the TOP dish in the entire game. IF you can unlock it. And its just 26 keys. You want to unlock it. 

As always I will upload the Spreadsheet for easy viewing of this quest. 

Green is basic info, Red are the seasonals and Yellow are as always just regulars. 

I will have the mini quest up later next week. I have the steps saved from last year so everyone will have a head start on it.  

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