Tuesday, April 26, 2016

European Vacation Returns! Plus Bonus Quests

As you may have noticed we got European Vacation back. 

As you can see from my prediction

Its all pretty much the same as last year. And since I already covered it once in the prediction above I will skip it. 

I will however point out we are treated to TWO bonus quests. 

I am not sure I would call the royal wedding a quest as I have regular dishes that make more coins that those dishes. So I will just consider that one dead weight. 

If you take a peep at Royal Jubilee. Its not a great quest. But if you have it unlocked its certainly an interesting one. 

The top dish on this quest? Haggis with Stag. Which makes a whole 190.99 coins.  Yep its a cheap dish for a lot of coins. Unless you have tons and tons of coins to splurge its not really worth the expense.

I also want to take a minute and point out Royal Haggis is 18 hours to grow. And the dish is 18 hours to cook. I abhor anything over 12 hours. 

So yes I will be passing on unlocking this quest unless I win the 500 keys from treasure hunting here soon. 

Until then focus your keys and efforts on European Vacation. It will be one of the last high value quests we see here for a few months actually. The rest will be 400 coins and below. EEP!

If you are a new player and wondering which side of this quest to unlock, well CROPS are best. The dish itself requires relatively easy ingredients as opposed to the ibex which takes zucchini and quail eggs. Both of which are pretty far down on the unlock menu.  Lobio which is made from the marigolds only takes walnuts which is an easy tree ingredient and adzuki beans which are about half way down in salad and beans. Its more manageable and easier to get unlocked. 

This Thursday look for Gourmet Ranch to update with a mini quest.  I will be doing this one as well to help out anyone who needs the info.  I suggest popping over  HERE and checking out the spreadsheet to make sure you have at least 20 of everything on hand. That includes the supers. 

Have a Great day ranchers!!!!

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