Friday, April 1, 2016

Quest Prediction: European Vacation

So with the Easter quests winding down, its now time to start preparing for the European Vacation quest.   It SHOULD be the next quest but Gourmet Ranch could very well play switcharoo and change quests.   That being said, this quest will come along at some point this year so worst case scenario you have the items grown in advance.

So when the quest first premiered it was a doozy. This was 2014's quest dishes.  Take a good look at those numbers.  318 of EACH dish.  While this is an unlikely event to be repeated just remember this when you see what you will probably actually have to cook lol.

So this is last year's quest.  We got two of the super dishes. YAY!

Well shall we cover the good news on this one first?  You only need the animals unlocked to do this quest.  That's right. ALL three quest items are animals.  BIG YAY!

Alright so are we ready for the bad news? No? Well too bad. 

Take a quick look at Dish number 2.  BROCCOLI.  My nemesis. A dreaded 3 day ingredient. 

And of course the other two dishes, Ibex, and Leipajuusto. 

I would like to say I feel like Gourmet Ranch was feeling particularly hateful when they did this quest. Having a long growing item in each dish is a bit of nuisance as well as having mostly items from the bottom rows of the market. Quail Eggs are 1 day to grow.  If you plant those birdies be forewarned they take 14 harvests.   Figs take 18 hours to grow as well.   

And of course just for reference I will put the full spreadsheet here. 

As always blue is just information. Red are the seasonal ingredients and yellow is a regular ingredient you can grow year round. 

The top dish of this entire quest is actually the Georgian Marigold. Not part of the quest but certainly a good one to watch for. 

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