Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Quest: Big Disappointment

I had to wait to post the updated new quest. I have nothing nice to say about it.  Gourmet Ranch has literally given the finger to all their longtime players in favor of getting more money. And it will have the reverse effect.  I have had four neighbors quit this week.   Most people take a very long time to decide to quit and if they do leave its for a break. Not these neighbors. They cleaned out their larder and removed the app entirely. So why all the fuss?

Lets take a look at the quest.  Its All the Trimmings quest. Wait but its not the dish names are...???

SO the game makers chose to rename their dishes no big deal.  Not actually the first time they have taken an old dish and renamed it actually. 

It is however the first time Gourmet Ranch has taken items we have unlocked and RELOCKED them. Forcing players to use MORE keys.   I had the goats unlocked last year. This year not so much.

For those saying its a new quest.  Its NOT.  Lets take a look at the top dish.  Goat Meatballs with Artichokes is the original dish. The dish Spiced Goat Meatballs is this years dish.

HMM identical in the recipe book. 

But Lets look at the recipes themselves. SURELY they are different!


Anyone who played last year is obviously upset. Keys are hard to come by especially for the higher levels.  You put two or three years into a game unlocking everything, only for the gamemakers to decide they need more money for they game they haven't done anything with since 2014.   Hint its 2016.

For those people shrugging their shoulders saying whatever. Remember this is the first quest they have done this too. And probably not the last.  A lot of smaller neighbors DEPEND on larger neighbors for ingredients not just seasonal ingredients but the regulars.  What happens when you offend and scare away all those long time players?  Where does that help come from?  Keys are expensive and not everyone is gonna sink money into this game. Most will walk away.  

So now you have scared off the big players by being greedy and the smaller players because its too hard to do anything without help from bigger players.  Who does that leave?  

I hope Gourmet Ranch will rectify this situation this week otherwise I see a lot more players quitting. Especially if this is a start to a new pattern. 

Shame on you Gourmet Ranch for ruining Christmas.   

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  1. this is not the first time that this happened