Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Master of the Salad and Beans

If you look on the right side of your screen you will see a column of icons. The first icon is the salad and beans icon.  If you click on it, it will bring up a mini mastery quest.  You can get coins, experience, speedups and GR cash as prizes for each step of the quest you finish.  The final prize is a functional trophy that will give you coins and XP each day. It also increases your heart meter so you sell more dishes. 

Harvest 100, Cook 25 Cucumber Salad 
Prize: 5000 Coins

Harvest 100, Cook 25 Skate Risotto
Prize: 500 XP

Lima Bean
Harvest 100, Cook 25 Succotash
Prize: 1000 XP

Harvest 200, Cook 50 Squash with Radishes
Prize: 100 Speedups

Harvest 200, Cook 50 Carp with Endives
Prize 3 GR Cash

Kidney Bean
Harvest 200, Cook 50 Bean Chili
Prize: 10000 Coins

Yellow Beetroot
Harvest 300, Cook 75 Creamy Beetroot Risotto
Prize: 2000 XP

Harvest 300, Cook 75 Salmon on Radicchio
Prize 125 Speedups

Cannellini Bean
Harvest 300, Cook 75 Sausage Casserole
Prize 6 GR Cash

Harvest 400, Cook 100 Gulper Eel Pie
Prize 20000 Coins

Harvest 400, Cook 100 Braised Leeks and Chard
Prize 2500 XP

Butter Bean
Harvest 400, Cook 100 Eggplant and Bean Stew
Prize 3000 XP

Harvest 500, Cook 124 Moroccan Mushrooms
Prize 150 Speedups

Broccoli Raab
Harvest 500, Cook 125 Vietnamese Broccoli Raab
Prize 8 GR Cash

Adzuki Bean
Harvest 500, Cook 125 Spicy Adzuki Beans with Rice
Prize 30000 Coins

Iceberg Lettuce
Harvest 600, Cook 150 Carp Sandwich
Prize 3500 XP 

Purple Broccoli
Harvest 600, Cook 150 Purple Broccoli with Chili
Prize 175 speedups

Harvest 600, Cook 150 Chicken and Rice Noodle Soup
Prize 10 GR Cash

Harvest 750, Cook 175 Alfredo Rutabaga
Prize 50000 coins

Harvest 750, Cook 175 Sweet and Sour Samphire
Prize 4500 XP

Edamame Bean
Harvest 750, Cook 175 Chili Duck with Edamame Beans
Prize 5500 XP 

Harvest 900, Cook 200 Asaro
Prize 200 speedups

Scotch Bonnet
Harvest 900, Cook 200 Plum Glazed Ham
Prize 13 GR Cash

Fava Beans
Harvest 900, Cook 200 Fava Bean Hummus
Prize Functional Mastery Trophy 

I will be adding a spreadsheet book similar to the quest recipe books. The mastery mini quests will have their own recipe book with all the necessary information.  It should be up later this week. 

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