Sunday, September 11, 2016

Help us Bring Back Masters of Fruit!

Since Gourmet Ranch SKIPPED the Masters of Fruit quest because people were griping, not alot of us were able to grow them. As many of us chose to grow the carnival stuff since Masters of Fruit was scheduled to come back.  Instead they skipped it entirely. Making lots of players sad.  

But sometimes when the players speak up in unison we get heard. 

It did work on Chinese New Year and our hope is that it will work this time. 

The idea is to do what we did last time and fill their page with comments and posts. 

Go Here and Support your fellow GR players. Like and comment on their posts!

Then head go to the App page and add your own comments about what you would like to see. 

Normally on the Hunting season we would see Dinosaurs. We have already had dinosaurs twice this year as backup and once as a main quest. I think most of us are done with Dinos for a bit. 

Not only that BUT Masters of Fruit is better paying. 

And even if we don't get it as a backup, maybe we can convince them to replace the Arctic chill which comes in November with it at least. 

Come GRers you can do it!

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