Friday, September 9, 2016

Quest Prediction: A Hunting We Will Go!

Oh its that time of year where the men go out and prove their manliness by killing something and bringing it back for us to cook.  Of course beaver is the equivalent of roadkill in my book, Havtorn is a plant and Mouflon is a SHEEP. So they basically hunt in the backyard. That sounds like my husband. He probably did it from a lawn chair too.  GR has such high standards for the hunters. 

This is a pretty straight forward quest. 3 dishes, 5 Regular items and Four seasonals.

We only have to do 106 of each for this quest. So if you have some lying around in your larder, good time to get them cooked up. 

Dish 1

You need FLOUR and Gooseberries for this first dish.  The Havtorn is from the crop side.

Dish 2

You only need Asparagus but its a 3 day ingredient.  This takes one animal and one crop seasonal. 

Dish 3

You need goat's cheese and green beans for this one.  You also need mouflon which is the BOTTOM of the seasonal animal row. 

I don't have a spreadsheet for this quest, I will have to update this post at a later date with it. 

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