Friday, August 5, 2016

Quest Prediction: Fruity Expectations

Hi there again ranchers! Are you ready for what comes next? 

Of course you are!

Two weeks on a regular quest is 13 days too many for most of us. 

Masters of Fruit should be dropping next Thursday (August 11th) and its a pretty simple quest. 

Only FOUR ingredients total but they come at a hefty cost of 28 keys. 

But they are ALL super dishes. So there is that. 

The ingredients are as follows, Juniper Berries, Tamarinds, Lychees and Persimmons. 

The four dishes are:
Pigeon with Juniper and Rosemary
Tamarind Chickpeas
Lychee and Elderberry Cheesecake
Persimmon and Cranberry Crumble

Just a quick heads up this was a high dish count quest. IE You will need 149 of EACH dish.  
So make sure you have more than the usual 106 lying around in your larder.

Okay so here are the dishes we will be cooking.  First up, Tamarind Chickpeas. 
Its a quick 4 hour dish. Chickpeas are just 4 hours so thats an easy ingredient to get stocked up, Tumeric is 6 hours (Edited TY Tashia).  (Tamarinds are 6 hours to grow I believe)

The second dish is the Lychee and Elderberry Cheesecake.  They Lychees themselves are only 4 hours to grow. Elderberry is just 8 hours so not a bad ingredient but I hope you saved some vanilla from Carnival because you will need it again here.  A very nice high paying, quick cooking dish. And its pretty. 

Third dish is the persimmon and cranberry crumble.  Also a high paying dish that is relatively quick to cook.  Persimmons are 8 hours to grow. Ginger and cranberries are both 12 hours. So again easy enough to get stocked up on in advance. 

While we won't be cooking this dish for the contract itself, It is a high value dish so its worth putting the dish info here in case you want to know what the juniper dish needs.  Its higher value than the tamarind, its only 6 hours to grow like that tamarind but the dish is actually one of the longer dishes to cook on this quest at 8 hours.  

Since we just HAD these available during carnival just four weeks ago, its a good possibility some of your generous neighbors MAY have some lying around.  For those of you who like to cook a little bit in advance. 

Have a great day!

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