Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hunting Season : Spreadsheets! Big Thank You to Carman!

Well Carman is Super Awesome Neighbor of the Week! She was kind enough to send me her spreadsheets for this quest. So everyone yell THANK YOU at Carman.  She also was kind enough to include TWO bonus sheets for everyone.

SO first up is a full list of all the regulars that are needed for these seasonals. Why do you need this? You don't technically unless you are doing the mini quest (We are !). And since over half this list is over 12 hours long, its a good to do it NOW during Mad Hatter so that you can grow like crazy. Those mouflon, beavers and mushrooms pay better than the mad hatter dishes.

Second up we have a list of all the seasonal grow times of each item.  Its interesting to look at the price of these items to grow vs buy sometimes.  Ask a neighbor for Mouflon. It is probably close to 200k.  It falls in that category of stuff that gets priced high for no reason other than its something people want. (Like the Iphone 7. The thing costs barely 50 dollars with labor and parts to make. And its 800 dollars. That is over 1000% markup. )

The Full Spreadsheet is above and will also include a bigger version here.  Carman's color scheme is a bit different. Light blue is just information. Pink is seasonal ingredients and yellow are your regular ingredients. 

Just a quick reminder this quest's three dishes are the roasted mouflon loin, King Bolete Beaver Steak and Havtorn Jam Breakfast.  

That is it for now. I already have screenshots of the mini quest for last year. I will post those TOMORROW. So you can make sure you have all the regulars needed grown in time PLUS you can make sure to grow the seasonals in the week before the mini quest drops. 

Then we are into my favorite quests. Halloween. I love Halloween. So much nightshade. YUUUUUUUM!

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