Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Maximum Ranch Space : More Ways to Expand Your Ranch

A few months ago I showed many of you a step by step instruction on doubling up your ranch. Since then I have learned a few things.

First off you are NOT limited to just double plots. I personally have quadruple plots on my ranch and I love it. I have triple plots for animals.

And beyond that I have learned a few better methods for enhancing your ranch. Ones that are quicker and allow for less mistakes. Even people who struggle with carpal tunnel like my self will appreciate it.

So take a quick look at what a ranch that has 1000+ plots looks like. It is so awesome. Honestly.

And while it took me awhile to figure out what works and what doesn't I have got to say you are gonna probably love these methods more than the method I presented. 

This is what quads looks like CLOSE up. 

So how did I get it so neat and pretty?

Well go back into your shop tab and under the Christmas tree  / Hay block in the GARDEN section, go to the tiles.

This was the tile I told you to use at first. But turns out you can use ANY of the tiles. 

You also have ALL these options. I am actually only gonna point out the benefits of TWO. 

So we will start with the straight road above. WHY? 

Well remember what I said to those who were having issues since lining up four itty bitty tiny plots can get tedious and cause you serious pains in your wrists. Well this takes the plot count from 4 to 1. 

Here is your visual. Its the size of ONE crop plot. 

For those of you like me who need a bit more help with lining it up, flip that sucker around! 

So the basics of this one is pretty much you want to put those double yellow lines in the middle of a plot.  So literally DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE FIRST SET OF PLOTS NOT STAGGERED!!!!.   Now when you put down a 2nd piece of road, you just go down the line and put the NEW plots in between the yellow lines. Kindergarten easy folks.  It is THAT easy to now get doubles. 

I read that and it sounded confusing lol so I thought VISUAL!!!. 

Now you can go back and do more plots but its a bit trickier with these roads to get your lines right. Or at least I think so.  But you have two options. 

Long option: Pick up those roads, store them and put them down again in a way so that you can do the plots between the lines deal. 

Faster Option : Hit refresh. Now just put new plots down. As long as the roads are down already just hit refresh and GR will let you place more tiles over the top. You do NOT want them to be directly on top of the first or 2nd set of plots. You want them to be 1/4 way over the yellow line. Otherwise you bury a plot and you have to delete the one on top of it to get access to it. 

Remember I said I second option you will love. 

These mowed grass tiles are my absolute favorite for quad planting. 

Okay let me say first off this is 4 itty bitty plots so this might not be friendly to some of you. 

When you put 4 of them down together they look like this:


And how awesome is this? Now you can do quadruple plots and you only have to stay in the lines. 

Plant them directly on top of the first row.

Option 1
You can do the 1st yellow to the third green (Note : This is 8 itty bitty tiles. )

Option 2
2nd green to 3rd Yellow

Option 3
2nd Yellow to 4th green.

Remember you can do a row of one option above, hit refresh and go thru and do another option then hit refresh again and go back and do the last option.  

When you are done with the crops go back and STORE all your little plots. Sell them all at once. Its so much easier and a whole lot less clicking. 

Animals are for the MOST part exactly the same. The only thing is the last step. You don't do it. Its a pain to remove those tiles so don't. Your animals can sleep on the road or the sand or mowed grass. Doesn't matter. 

There is an added benefit to NOT removing them from the animal pens. 


As you can see I did NOT remove the tiles below my animals. They are triple plots and the animals harvest and plant just fine. I do trees along my back row and I can see my animals just fine. 

 I also do the refresh trick but just ONCE for trees. 3 / 4 times it tends to bury your trees. Its not fun to be staring at a tree you can't harvest or do anything with. It messes with my OCD something awful. 

Here you can see the walnut trees and the turkeys getting along fine in a nice tight space. 

I would make a small suggestion that if you do intend to put trees in your animals' space put it out of the way. IE along the Top of the ranch or along the left most side.  Otherwise on the bottom or right side it will obscure other items.  That is not fun either. 

If you didn't already see them I also have TWO videos, one for animals and one for crops that show how to get this started. Remember you can use ANY of the tiles above. 

And of course I have the ORIGINAL walk thru linked here if this post above was confusing or still not much help.

I am very much a visual person so I prefer to show others as I would want to be shown. 

I hope this helps.

Have a great day ranchers!


  1. Love this idea!!! I am already using the first tip of doubling your spaces. I will try this one too. Thank you for the wonderful tip again!!!

  2. Have you found a way to double or quad the tree plots?