Saturday, March 19, 2016

Maximizing Your Ranch Space

Did You Know You Have Multiple Plots / Pens / Trees in a Space?

One of the best aspects I have just learned is to maximize the space on ranches by using multiple pens or plots in a space. 

So first thing you wanna do is put your plots down as you normally would. 
They would like the plots above. 

Once you have the plots down you are gonna want to go into your decor tab.  

You are gonna wanna click on the tree / haystack section 

and under that click on the garden tab.

Then you want to find the dirt soil plots for 2k coins

Now go back to your ranch. You are gonna put these little MINI plots on top of your plots. 

You can look and see the row above the green plot has been done. Its solid. The ones below have not been done.  It takes 4 mini-plots to cover one regular plot. 

Once you have a few mini plots down to cover a few plot spaces. (or animal spaces) its the same. 

Now go back to the plots and put down a fresh plot on top of the mini plots.  You want to position it between two plots.  THIS IS IMPORTANT. 

Now once the plots are done. Get your X tool. You are gonna wanna delete or store if you want the mini plots. DON'T DELETE THE BIG CROP PLOTS. 

Now you should be able to plant 2x the amount in the space.  Animals and crops are done exactly the same way. 





If you want trees, you just put down mini plots and add trees on the mini plots. You do NOT delete the mini plots when you are doing trees. 

This is the animals with trees. 

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