Saturday, July 9, 2016

Coming Soon to GR! Quest Calendar Updated

It has been a while since I last updated our Quest Calendar. I had a feeling many of you would like to have an idea of what to grow or maybe what would be best to unlock. 

And also I wanted to answer a frequently asked question.
Will we see the Gourmet Ranch Olympics?

The answer is PROBABLY not. If you have not noticed GR is repeating quests. Not only that but they are repeating the quest dishes, amounts, order etc. Even the mini quests are repeats from last year.   The most likely answer to this is they don't have a programmer at their disposal at the moment to redo all these quests so they are just plugging in last year's stuff.  This was NOT a quest last year though I do believe we will see it in August just not as a quest,  I believe we will see it either with Jack the Giant or on the back of Masters of Fruit.  The olympics dates overlap those two quests. 

Don't get upset though this was a very very low paying quest from the early years of GR. 2012 to be exact. 

So lets look at what we have to look forward to this year. 

Carnival! Which is next is at the list, is very much a quest you should unlock. 

Jack and The Giant is ALL regular items. There is no unlocking needed on this quest.

Masters of Fruit is after that and this is another must unlock quest if you can. 

Peggy's Bake off is the last quest of the summer and its a bummer. Top dish is 234 coins. And you need both seasonal sides to cook it. It is CHEAP on the keys though. So that is nice. 

Mad Hatter's Tea Party. This is funny enough, an Easter quest.  But GR decided Tea parties are okay all year round. Its in my opinion an OK quest. Top dish is 344 coins. It is a ENTIRELY seasonal quest. So you need BOTH sides to be able to cook that dish. 

Hunting Season comes next. This one is again decent. The Top dish is 401 coins and you only need the animal side for that. The next dish is 373 and takes items from both sides and Asparagus. Ugh Have I mentioned how I hate long growing items?

Spirit of Halloween is next. Nightshade. I love nightshade. Its my favorite. 

Day of the Dead - Has those bugs. They pay well so we will disregard that they are creepy.

Arctic Chill is ALL regulars and some crappy ones at that. Quinoa, Banana Peppers and Nutmeg. Ugh

Thanksgiving is pretty lackluster. The top dish is 232 coins and the main ingredients are 18 hours and 1 day to grow.  

Then we end the year with two christmas quests.  Both are very high value and worth unlocking.

Click on the Quest Calendar above to find out what you have to grow for any upcoming quests. 

Have a great day !

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