Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Quest Prediction: ALIEN INVASION!!! And they are bringing....

The Aliens are coming!!!!

For vacation?!?

Well I guess everyone deserves a few days off. 

If everything goes as last year the Aliens should be bringing us back Super Vegetables. Yep. Get ready to mow down on some yummy delicious Vegetables of the Super variety. 

But first lets talk Aliens. 

So to sate our soon to be arriving Alien friends, you will need to cook 106 batches of each of the following three dishes.

Space Chowder - 12 hours , you will need to have CLAMS found in your crustaceans section. 

Araki Slug Risotto - 8 hours, you will need RICE found under grains. 

Rhizome Fruit Salad - 12 hours and you will need PRICKLY PEARS found in your fruits section almost completely at the bottom. 

I will take a minute to point out that prickly pears and rice are both 1 day ingredients. Its really important to get those down in advance. If you notice above in the photos and below on the spreadsheet the Purple plant is needed in TWO dishes.  Well I should warn you that the Araki slug and the purple plant are BOTH very long growers at 1 day and 18 hours. Although I might have the grow times flipped. Its worth noting that long growing PLUS medium value dishes makes this just an okay quest.   If you have limited keys it might not be in your advantage to unlock it. 

As always this is the spreadsheet I have made for this particular quest.  I will say the previous year 2014, we had to do Oculus soup. Which requires mint. I doubt you will see that as a quest dish but I will put it out there as a warning. 

Yes I do notice that on the Araki slug risotto I messed up and the Purple Lips Venus Plant is in yellow instead of red.  I don't want to have to redo the whole spreadsheet over a color issue.  Sorry my ocd is burnt out today lol. 

But what you REALLY want to know about are the VEGETABLES!

Last year the Aliens brought us Vegetables and I do hope they bring them again. 
They were expensive to unlock 28 Keys for FOUR ingredients.  The Alien quest is cheaper on your key stock but doesn't pay as well. 

First up was the Titanic tomatoes

The we had the Mega Leek

Then comes cabbage. 

And finally the Mushrooms. 

I did not flip the two by the way. I realize the cabbage dish is actually more per dish BUT Gourmet ranch actually had them in order of who gave you more money overall.  The ramen dish gives you an extra 140k coins. 

This is a spreadsheet for Mastery Supers only.  

Orange is Exotic Animals
Green is Livestock
Yellow is Fruit
Purple is Vegetables 
Blue is Herbs and Spices

I post this because I believe we will see the exotic animals (orange) in about a months time. So not THIS quest or the one immediately following it but the one after that. It should begin in June. Just before 4th of July quest.  

I will be updating the quest calendar as I come across the information for the backup unlocking options. 

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