Friday, July 8, 2016

Quest Prediction: Party Like its Carnivale!

I loved carnivals as a kid and GR's version does not disappoint. Its very bright and colorful and best of all PAYS WELL. 

This quest also brings with it an ADDED bonus I will discuss at the bottom. 

I hope you saved your keys this summer. If not you have just a bit less than a week to gain a few. IF you need help leveling I have a whole POST on ways to get those awesome keys.  Just check out the tips and tricks section. 

So I am doing the Quest prediction a bit early for two reasons. One I skipped the fourth of july quests. So I can't help you with the mini quest steps on this particular quest. 

And two because we have a couple of long growing ingredients you MIGHT want to plop down in advance. 

So our THREE dishes are 
Dish 1 Feijoada  PRICE 481.84, You will need as regulars, Kidney beans (6 Hr) and Rice (1 Day)

Dish 2 Quindim PRICE 213.78. You will need Eggs (Buy in big mart with Coins) and Vanilla (2 days)

Dish 3 Tacaca PRICE 604.32. There are NO regulars for this dish. 

A couple other points I will make. The Carnival Shrimp is a FREE ingredient. And don't forget you can buy your eggs in Big Mart. So there is no reason to have 

Besides the free shrimp, the Braham Cow is the ONLY animal used in this quest. And its a super.  Everything else is on the CROP side. So if you have limited keys.  The side that is in your best interest is CROPS. 

As always we have a spreadsheet of what dishes this quest entails. As you can LOTS of higher value stuff.  This one also has an abundance in my opinion of EASY regulars. That is ones most of your smaller / newer players are likely to have unlocked. Such as Kidney beans, rice, eggs, onions, hops, barley, coconuts, peanuts, beef and tomatoes.  

SO this quest LAST year brought with it an added bonus. 

That bonus was MASTERS of FRUIT. 

Why do we love Masters of Fruit? Well because anything that pays well and is quick to cook is AMAZING. 

The ONLY downside is some of the ingredients that accompany these supers are likely to be troublesome for smaller / newer players. By the way this will be 28 keys to unlock the Fruits. AND this will be its OWN quest roughly 5-6 weeks from now.  

The first dish isn't too terrible. Cranberries are easy enough and ginger is only at about the half way mark in the row. 

But then we look at the Lychee dish and we see Vanilla again which is a 2 day ingredient and Elderberries. Which are almost to the bottom of the Fruit category.  However I will say Lychees are just FOUR hours to grow, so you can grow a massive amount in a 2 week stretch. 

Tamarinds are a quick dish to cook at just 4 hours and Chickpeas aren't bad at 4 hours to grow. But Tumeric is 18 hours and is near the bottom of the herbs. 

Then we have the last dish which is the pigeon and juniper berry.  These take pigeons which is near the bottom of your animal category. Rosemary is an easy ingredient at 30 minutes but again its about half way down the herb section so newer players may not have access to it. 

I didn't do these in order but the order of unlock should be Tamarind, juniper berries, Lychees and then persimmons.  The first two items will be six keys each and the second two will be 8 keys each. 

Since this bonus will pop up again later in its own right, it certainly would not hurt to unlock if you have the keys. But if you don't, DON'T Fret. This will come back in just a few short weeks.

Well there ya go. Have a great weekend and Happy Ranching to all!  


  1. Thank you for all the tips and heads up you give, it gives me the change to grow the higher dishes ingredients for the upcoming events. I am actually creating my own charts for each event as I go too. I just wanted to give you a big thank you!!