Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Mini Quest: Repeat Fail?

Last year I was VERY disappointed in the Easter miniquest.  I had unlocked both sides so I prepared myself for  an extra 10 GR Cash.  Only to be tricked by the Gourmet Ranch developers.

So lets take a look at what I remember. First Step.  Do you see something odd? If not look again!

If you noticed the middle section says PLANT 20  JELLY CHERRY SHRUB.  

Wait a minute!!!!

Those aren't in the candy factory items. They are however in the Easter quest which is originally from 2012.  They also cost 2 keys to unlock.  

So I did what any player would have done, assumed it was probably just a typo. I had plenty of keys at the time. And 2 keys was not a big deal. 

So off we go to step 2. 

UGH and here we go.  What do you see that shouldn't be there?

If you guessed Macaroons. You would be correct.  Tricky tricky!

If you needed to know where they were at, they are at the Mad Hatter's tea party. 

And they are the 3rd ingredient down. So another 6 keys to unlock. 

That is only two steps and honestly I stopped. I didn't want to have to unlock ALL three quests at once.  You are talking over 100 keys to get 10 GR cash.  Thanks . Pass. 

So the question is Will we see this Easter Mini Quest Repeat Fail again tomorrow? Or will the candy factory be like every other mini quest and only use candy factory items for the mini quest?  We can only hope for the latter. 

But consider yourself warned. 

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